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Project Issuers

Posting through a NWIPCA member Plan Center or Builder's Exchange allows your project to be distributed to our extensive network of General Contractors, Specialty Contractors, and Construction Suppliers.  We connect you to a consortium of regional Plan Centers that operate in communities where your project is located.


  • There is NO CHARGE to you, the project owner, agency, or Issuing Office to post projects in any of the NWIPCA Plan Rooms. This free service is offered to help you attract and maximize qualified bidders for your project.

  • We provide access to bidding projects to help you meet compliance requirements and access a wider audience.

  • We have experienced staff handling your projects. We make sure that all current addenda and subsequent project correspondences are provided to bidders in a timely and usable format. We are available to answer non-technical questions and connect project respondents to issuers during the bid process. 

  • Builder's Exchanges and Plan Centers have a long and trusted history of operation. They have a deep connection to local construction communities and operate with a high level of integrity.

Team of Engineers

Plan Center Services

While services vary by Plan Center,  most services offered across in NWIPA Plan Centers & Builder's Exchanges include:


  • Project Postings

  • Printing and Copying large format blueprint documents

  • Digital Archiving

  • Physical Plan Room Access

  • Online Plan Rooms

  • Overnight Plan Checkout

  • Private Plan Posting

  • Real Time Project Notifications

  • Customer Service Support

Montana Bid

Montana Bid is a software platform used by participating NWIPCA Plan Centers in Montana. This allows project issuers to post to a centralized platform and maximize access to bidders throughout Montana and surrounding states.

The Montana Bid software platform is used by all participating Montana Plan Centers. This ensures your project information is posted timely, accurately, and receives responsive staff support.

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