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The Association for Plan Centers & Builder's Exchanges

construction workers

Who we Serve

Regional Plan Centers & Builder’s Exchanges located in Montana, Oregon, Idaho, and Washington formed NWICPA in 1999. NWIPCA provides a forum for Plan Center & Builder's Exchanges to share best practices, technology,  and resources. Our purpose is to better serve plan center leaders, the construction industry, and its supply chain.


NWIPCA serves three customers: 


  • Plan Center and Builder's Exchange leaders in Regional Markets

  • Employers in the Construction and Supply Chain Industry

  • Private and Public Issuers of Project Bids

We help regional Plan Centers & Builder's Exchanges expand their capacity through::

Plan Center & Builder Exchange Support


We connect leaders from Regional Builder's Exchanges and Plan Centers. to share ideas, best practices, and resources.


We offer business services specifically designed to address the key needs of the construction industry and it's supply chain.


We provide digital content and other outreach tools to help Plan Centers communicate with their members. We focus on business services and issues impacting the construction industry .


We provide consulting, advice, and coaching to regional Plan Centers and Builder's Exchanges.


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